Friday, 21 August 2015

Thoughts on PLL Finale + Sara/Hanna sisters theory!

Warning: This post contains SPOILERS!


So if any of you read my last post about Pretty Little Liars, you will know that I totally guessed that 'A' would be revealed as transgender. I wasn't 100% on whether it would be CeCe or not, but I certainly was not shocked when she was revealed as A/Charles/Charlotte. I absolutely loved the episode though and was definitely doing an "I told you so" happy dance for a few days afterwards, haha!

Now, I can totally understand why so many people were upset with CeCe's reveal. The clues weren't overly obvious for CeCe (but to me that's the genius of it!) and there were definitely a lot more noticeable clues for some of the other characters (*cough*Wren*cough*). But for people to say that Marlene changed her mind to CeCe at the last minute after some fake reddit spoilers were released (which were probably released by the PLL team on purpose to trick everyone) is absolutely ridiculous. The clues were 100% there for CeCe right from the early episodes of season 3, and once we found out about Charles at the end of season 5 these clues just solidified that CeCe was Charles.

What I can completely relate to though is the anger that PLL fans felt at the reveal of Shower Sara Harvey as red coat. I get it. We didn't even get to see Sara until the dollhouse. Her character is annoying. She seems irrelevant. The fact is though, we were technically introduced to Sara in season 4. We made have only seen a stock photo of some random girl on a "Sara Harvey" website, but we were still introduced to her as a character, and we were introduced to her for a reason...

Now, I know this is going to sound totally crazy, but bare with me here... I have this theory that Sara (Red Coat) could be Hanna Marin's sister and is jealous of her/wants to see her hurt. I know right? I must be losing my marbles. There are clues to suggest this could be true though, and here are just a few of them:

1. Remember when Hanna, Mona, Aria and Emily were trapped in the lodge fire? Red Coat, who we now know is Sara, saved all of the girls except for Hanna who ended up being saved by Ali. Why would she save the other girls but not Hanna?

2. Similarly, remember that ending with the bobble head dolls where Red Coat flicked the Hanna doll in the head and then took a blowtorch to the side of her face? Yeah, well when you pair that with clue #1 above it sure seems very suspicious doesn't it?

3. There is more than one occasion where Hanna is being watched by Red Coat specifically. The two main scenes that stick out in my mind are the one where Hanna is in Alison's bedroom looking through her jewellery box and we see Red Coat behind her in the jewellery box mirror, and the other is where Hanna spots Red Coat watching her in the reflection of a window.

4. In season 6, there is essentially a "mirrored" scene where we see CeCe/A staring into the DiLaurentis house, whilst in another scene we see Sara/Red Coat staring into the Marin house. We know that CeCe was looking in on her family, so what was Sara doing looking in on the Marin's for? Could they be her family?

I'm not entirely sold on the idea that Sara is Ashley's daughter though, but it would make that little ghost girl scene from that Halloween episode make sense if she was. I do, however, believe that Sara could be the result of an affair that Hanna's father Tom may have had. I mean, it would totally explain why Sara appears to have it out for Hanna. If Tom had an affair resulting in Sara, but abandoned Sara to stay in his marriage with his other daughter Hanna (around the same age as Sara), I can totally understand why Sara would be jealous of Hanna and would have been more than willing to help CeCe torture the liars.

Anyway, there's some food for thought for you all! I hope that you guys enjoyed this post and let me know what you think of my Sara theory below. :D

Also, I recently created an "Long Live King Wilden!" Facebook group if anyone is interested in joining. The group is for sharing theories, funny meme's, games, quizzes, etc. I'd love to see you guys over there!

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Sunday, 16 August 2015

Instagram Vs Reality // Part 2.

As a follow up to my very first Instagram Vs Reality post inspired by Simply the Beth, today I thought I'd share with you the truth behind a few of my recent Instagram snaps.

Instagram: *insert lovey dovey emoticon here*

Reality: Our photographer (B's brother) and I had literally spent the last 5 minutes begging B to do a cute "looking into each others eyes" pose. B point blank refused, so this is the shot we ended up with. So romantic, hah!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Instagram: My amazing donut and banoffee flavoured gelato from yesterday.

Reality: It wasn't hard to style this shot in the slightest, and I was feeling pretty proud of myself. That was until 30 seconds later when my icecream fell straight out of the cone and on to the table.. I ate it anyway though!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Instagram: Take me back. #workblues

Reality: I stood there as the waves gushed over my feet about 20 times before I managed to get this photo. I wanted the waves to be near my feet, but not touching them. This took a lot of patience.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Instagram: Couldn't think of a caption for this, so let the photo speak for itself.

Reality: Spotted this piece of street art while B had stopped on a random street to look for directions. Jumped out of the car and made B (and my besties in the back) wait until I got the perfect shot from the right angle. What can I say? The heart wants what the heart wants, and that's a good photo for instagram lol.

That's all for now. I'd love it if you'd all join in and share a similar post of your own!

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Sunday, 9 August 2015

Snap Happy Sunday // Visiting Magnetic Island.

This time last weekend B and I (and B's older brother Tim), visited Magnetic Island for the very first time. It's been something we've been meaning to do for ages and it was well worth the wait.

After eating breakfast at a cute little cafe just off The Strand, we headed over to the nearby ferry terminal and took the 20 minute ferry ride over to Maggie. As soon as we arrived the atmosphere changed completely, and the next 6 hours were probably the most relaxing 6 hours of our lives.

After a short walk (okay, hot and sweaty 15 minute walk) we arrived at the place where we would hire a 4WD for the day so that we could explore the off road tracks and beaches (the off road beaches were the best). It only cost us $80 to hire including the petrol, so it was well worth the investment.

There were plenty of cafe's and restaurants for us to eat at on the island (and the food was delicious) and as you can see, there were plenty of photo opportunities. The views that Maggie offers are nothing short of incredible and I can't wait until B and I can go back over again. :)

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Wednesday, 5 August 2015

My PLL theories // Who is A, Red Coat, Black Widow.

With the Pretty Little Liars Season 6 Summer finale coming up in just 7 days, I thought I would share a quick rather detailed post on some of my theories for the big 'A' reveal. That way if one of my theories is correct, at least I'll have proof (hah!). [Note: I am writing this post before watching episode 9 just in case some of the answers are given away in this episode].

If you're not a PLL fan, or you've only just started watching the series, please do not read this post as it is full of spoilers and I don't want to ruin anything for you. As for the rest of you PLL fans, what are your theories for the big 'A' reveal?


Who is 'A'/Charles?
Assuming that 'A' is definitely this Charles DiLaurentis character (believed to be Ali and Jason's older brother at around age 25), and that Charles is in fact someone we have already seen on the show in the past with a different name, the following is a list of the characters that I believe could possibly be Charles and why:

♥ Wren Kingston
- His name is Wren. The bird theme in PLL has been pretty clear from the start.
- If Wren is in fact a doctor, then it would explain how he was able to insert the tracking chips into the back of the liars necks. It would also explain a bunch of other stuff that A has done since stealing the game from Mona, such as giving Spencer pills, getting access to Emily's xray, etc.
- Speaking of stealing the game from Mona, in season 3, episode 1, the four liars receive a text from A stating "Mona played with dolls, I play with body parts. Game on Bitches. - A". Pretty sure doctors play with body parts.
- In season 2, Wren tells Spencer that he has OCD. 'A' certainly appears to have OCD from a lot of the ending scenes we've seen.
- Wren also has a British accent. In one of the episodes 'A' leaves a message on Dr. Sullivan's office wall that says "Nosey Bitches Die". Nosey is the UK spelling, and Nosy is the U.S. spelling.
- In season 3, episode 20, Spencer gets locked in her steam room. Afterwards, there is a message written in the steam on the mirror that says "Steamy with Wren, steamy with me. - A". Kind of speaks for itself.
- In season 4, episode 10, Wren visits Mona in Radley and during their conversation Mona basically says that she no longer trusts Wren because she knows he is keeping secrets from her. The whole conversation is really strange to be honest.
- In season 6, episode 1, after being in the same room as Charles/A, Spencer tells the other liars that Charles felt familiar to her. This could be because of her history with Wren, if Wren is in fact Charles.

♥ Darren 'Wilden'
- I do realise that Wilden was murdered and so couldn't realistically be 'A', but hey - this is a tv show we're talking about, and we all know that everything isn't always as it seems in Rosewood. Besides, Mona appeared to be dead once upon a time as well.
- Wilden actually looks like the young version of Charles from the home movie we saw playing in Ali and Jason's attic. He also looks a bit like Ali and Jason.
- At first we are lead to believe that Wilden is too old to be Charles, but later on in the show we find out that he went to school with Ian and Melissa, making him roughly the same age as them and a good candidate for Charles.
- The song playing at the end of season 1, episode 1, when we first meet detective Wilden is the same song playing at the end of season 3, episode 1, when the liars received the "Mona played with dolls, I play with body parts. Game on Bitches. - A" text. Sure, doctors play with body parts, but I'm sure detectives deal with their fair share of body parts too. Plus the song that is playing in both these scenes is super creepy and just seems to be a clue in itself.
- Also, in the scene where Wilden first introduces himself to the girls in season 1 he addresses them all by name. I mean, sure, as a cop he could have access to photos of the girls from when they were interviewed initially after Ali's disappearance, but it seemed a bit fishy (and incredibly creepy) to me.
- We recently discovered that Wilden was a part of the cover up of Toby's mothers murder. Or whatever it was that happened that day.
- When Wilden was "murdered", the liars found a dead pig in the trunk of his car. Could this be symbolism? Perhaps it's a message that Wilden the cop is dead, but Charles is now alive?
- Finally, in season 4, episode 1, Mrs DiLaurentis returns to Rosewood to attend Wilden's funeral. Why? She even sits in the front row. Could she be family? Perhaps his mother? ;)

♥ Ian Thomas
- Another character that is seemingly dead but could quite possibly still be alive. I mean, if his body was found 8 days post-mortem, wouldn't it have been covered in flies?
- His suicide note had very similar handwriting to the classic 'A' handwriting.
- Like Wilden, Ian has a similar appearance to the young version of Charles that we have seen in photos and home movies.
- We now know that Ian and Spencer once shared a kiss. Could this be why A/Charles felt familiar to her in the dollhouse?
- It would explain why Melissa has never been in any real danger (at least that I can recall) when so many other characters connected to the story have been. Why would he want to kill his wife and the mother of his unborn child?


Who is Red Coat?
If last weeks episode of PLL (episode 8) is anything to go by, then it is safe to assume that red coat is definitely A's ally/helper. I don't believe their underlying motives are the same, but I do believe they have been working together at one point or another. I am also convinced that red coat is a female, which leads me to the following possibilities:

♥ Bethany Young / Sara Harvey
- I am 98% sure that Sara Harvey is actually Bethany Young pretending to be Sara. I have so many reasons for believing this, but so do a lot of other PLL theorists so feel free to look these reasons up yourselves. :)
- If Bethany (pretending to be Sara) was trapped in the dollhouse for the past two years she could easily have stockholm syndrome, making her want to be a friend/ally of Charles.
- Then again, if Sara is in fact really Bethany, she probably already knew Charles from Radley, which would totally make more sense.
- In terms of her potentially being red coat, we have been lead to believe that red coat has long blonde hair (which up until recently Sara/Bethany had).
- Sara was also absent in last weeks episode at the same time that red coat returned and was seen by A's side at the computers. Could just be a coincidence, but I doubt it.

♥ CeCe Drake
- CeCe has blonde hair and so appearance wise is a possibility for red coat.
- We see her with/wearing a red coat in different scenes of the show.
- She also visited Mona in Radley, possibly as red coat. At least this is what was hinted at.
- According to CeCe's roommate, CeCe had referred to the four liars as "she-devils". This suggests she didn't like them and could potentially have a reason to want to hurt them.
- Most likely completely unrelated, but in the story Alison was telling about the twin girls where one murdered the other, the girl/s playing the twins looked exactly like Cece. I feel like this is a big hint that CeCe is a main player in the show.

♥ Melissa Hastings
- This is a very loose theory based on only a few hints and possible clues, with one of the most vague clues being that we see Melissa with/wearing a red coat in several different episodes throughout the show. They also wear a similar pair of boots.
- Both red coat and black widow wear Alison masks throughout the show. As we discovered in season 4, Melissa had access to a bunch of Alison masks.
- The stunt double used to portray red coat and black widow has a very similar body shape to Melissa. Could be something, could be nothing.
- In season 3 we catch red coat spying on Wren and Spencer kissing. Shortly after, Melissa makes it clear to Spencer that she knows she has been with Wren recently. She claims this is because she can smell Wren's cologne on Spencer, but I highly doubt that.
- In season 6, episode 8, red coat returns. We see red coat handing 'A' tickets to the liars senior prom. As a past student, and former homecoming queen (possibly prom queen too), Melissa could probably score tickets to the senior prom quite easily.


Who is Black Widow?
I'm not going to go into too much detail about who I believe Black widow could be as we don't really know much about her, but I've basically narrowed it down to:

♥ Melissa Hastings
- I feel like Melissa has to be involved in the big scheme of things somehow, and if she's not red coat then perhaps she could be black widow? Who knows, perhaps she could be both?
- Black widow first showed up for Wilden's funeral. This could be Melissa if they went to school together, or more so if they were working together on the Halloween train that night when Aria was locked in that box.
- Black widow was also seen preparing flowers for the parents of Bethany Young. Melissa believes she buried Bethany alive. Perhaps she was sending them flowers out of guilt?


Other character theories?
There are several other characters throughout each of the seasons that I feel have had too many clues pointing towards them for me not to include them in this post. I am not suggesting that any of these characters are 'A', Red Coat or Black Widow (although it is a possibility), I simply think they are a part of the bigger picture somehow:

♥ Mona Vanderwaal
- I actually have a feeling that when Mona was being '-A', she was only really targeting the four liars. I don't believe that she was the very original 'A' who was targeting Ali before she disappeared. I believe she adored and idolised Ali despite how horrible she was to her. I think Mona has simply been protecting Ali all this time. This would explain why she helped build Hanna into the new Ali after Ali's disappearance. Mona needed an Alison in her life. I also believe it's possible that Ali was getting Mona to help her by pretending to be '-A' to see if the original 'A' was one of the four liars. Perhaps it was Ali who took the "game" back from Mona?

♥ Aria Montgomery
- I actually think it's a possibility that Aria could be Ali's original 'A'. I mean, Ali was mean to everyone, including all four liars, but she was especially vindictive when it came to Aria and blackmailing her about her Dad's affair. Perhaps Aria felt backed into a corner and decided to scare Ali under the anonymity of 'A' to try and get her to change her ways. That seems pretty reasonable to me.

♥ Paige McCullers
- Another possibility for Ali's original 'A' is Paige. Paige had many reasons for potentially wanting to scare Ali. The poor girl was tormented/bullied/blackmailed by Ali to a point where any normal teenage girl would go a little crazy. The main thing that makes Paige stand out to me though is the nickname "Pigskin" that Ali gave to her. This ties into all the pig clues scattered throughout the show.

♥ Ezra Fitz
- I don't really have a great theory for Ezra, I simply think he may have more knowledge than he has lead us to believe.

♥ Maya St. Germain
- My theory on Maya is simply that she is still alive. It's just a gut feeling I have.

♥ Lucas Gottesman + Noel Kahn + Jenna Marshall
- Let's face it, these three are just very suspicious in general. I feel like their names need to be here.

I also had this crazy theory that A/Charles could be a transgendered woman, possibly Bethany/Sara or maybe even Paige, and that that was why Mrs DiLaurentis bought two of the same yellow dresses in that Christmas flashback from when Alison was a little girl. I honestly don't think that Marlene King would play around with such a controversial storyline, but it would be pretty awesome!

So what do you guys think? Am I batshit crazy or do you think I could be on to something? :)

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