I've finally moved out!

Hey guys! Sorry I've been absent. For once I actually have a good excuse though, and that's that I've been busy moving out and settling into my much awaited new place! I ended up moving into a small two bedroom duplex with a lovely lady named Jenny and her toddler who also just happen to be vegan! Talk about a match made in heaven. :)

As this place was originally Jenny's I literally only needed to move in my bedroom items, so I'm still storing a bunch of stuff at Mum's place which I am hugely grateful for. I did manage to squeeze quite a lot into my new bedroom though without too much overcrowding, as you can see from the photo above. How gorgeous is my colour scheme by the way? I am so happy with it. Mostly white with pops of dusty pink, purple and copper/gold. My room has such a cosy vibe, perfect for the winter months we're about to head into.

Aside from the move there isn't much new to share with you guys. I stopped seeing the guy I mentioned in my last post (if you guys can even remember!) and am already moving onto the next potential candidate. Haha! ;) My heart is far too big to stay single for long. I just have too much to give.

I'm also looking into my next move career and hobby wise. Pretty Little Liars is wrapping up soon, so I'll need a new hobby to keep my brain ticking. Any ideas? As for my career, any job that brings in the money without me having to bring my work home with me is a great place to start. I'm honestly not that fussy. I'm much more focused on enjoying life than having some fancy career to look back on when I'm dead.

So what's new with you guys? Does anybody even read these posts anymore?

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  1. She's back !!
    Feels like forever though mind you this is the first time I've checked back since last month!
    New room looks great and love the pic of Nala.
    Hold your head high and dream big xoxo

    1. Only just saw this comment! Thanks Ang! Should have another new post coming your way shortly. 😊 xoxo


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