I'm Pregnant!

"I'M GONNA HAVE A BABY!" (imagine shouting this in your best Rachel Green voice over and over). I've basically been saying this phrase on repeat in my head since the moment I found out. The one thing I have been dreaming of my entire life, more than anything else in the world, has finally become a reality and I just can't quite believe it!

You see, ever since I was a teenager I always had this awful thought in the back of my mind that I might one day have trouble getting pregnant. I knew it was irrational to think that way but it was a nagging feeling that was always there. Fast forward to 2015 and I was told by my doctor in Townsville that I had Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and would likely have trouble when it came to conceiving. I started taking immediate steps to rectify the situation as much as possible, however I'd be lying if I said this didn't further solidify my irrational fears.

Going forward even further, it was around July 2019 that I decided to book in with a specialist in Sydney to find out why I had been spotting between periods and bleeding after sex. Recently married, D and I were starting to plan for a family and wanted to make sure everything was okay. Although we didn't get answers for my spotting at the time, we did find out that I had absolutely no cysts on my ovaries anymore. I was shocked. I had read that giving up dairy could reduce cysts, which is one of the reasons I went vegan after my initial diagnosis in 2015, but could this have cured me completely?

Well, after several months of trying to fall pregnant we decided to go and see a specialist in Brisbane in May 2020 to pick up where we had left off the year before. This new specialist was a trained gynaecologist and immediately sent us for all kinds of tests without us even asking for them. In a few short weeks we found out that 1. I don't and never had PCOS (she explained how I had been incorrectly diagnosed) 2. I have perfect levels of oestrogen and progesterone (both equally important to conceiving and sustaining a pregnancy) 3. D had perfect swimmers 4. That the spotting between my periods and bleeding after sex (not to mention 5 years of inconclusive pap smear tests) was the result of a harmless but annoying cervical ectropion. Basically there was no good reason for us not to conceive naturally.. and that's exactly what ended up happening for us that very cycle! When we ended up telling our specialist that we were pregnant she told us that this was very common after couples had been in to see her. It was as though she was able to take away all the irrational stress we had built up in our minds. I think it is so unfair that some doctors will refuse to help couples until they have been trying for over a year. A few simple tests and all our worries quickly dissipated.

The day we actually found out was three days after my 31st birthday. I had been tracking my ovulation for a while at this point and this was the first month where I ovulated early rather than late. This gave me this strange new confidence that this could be our month, and I might even get so lucky as to find out on my actual birthday if I started testing early. Well, as it turns out, had I been testing with the first response tests from the get go instead of the internet cheapies I'd picked up off of eBay, I may well have had a birthday positive. Unfortunately the internet cheapies only picked up the faintest of faint lines on the following Monday when I had already convinced myself that I was out for the month, but fortunately this gave me the surprise of my life as I was no longer expecting to see anything.

It was June 1st, at around 8.45am, and I was due to start working from our home office at 9am. D was still in bed at this time and so when I saw that super faint positive I began rushing around the house trying to test a first response test as well for confirmation. When that test came up positive also I decided to grab a clear blue digital test so that I could see the positive result in writing. Well, that test didn't work at all - it was faulty. Ugh, frustrating! So I tried yet another digital test and while this was loading I quickly arranged the below set up on D's work desk. I was expecting to hear when D came out, thinking he would go to the bathroom first, but he ended up getting a work phone call and came straight into the office at a billion miles an hour. I quickly rushed to set up the phone to record his reaction but ended up filming his crotch the entire time. Also, the digital test was still loading as he came out, so while he eventually figured out what was going on he was a bit confused for a while. It was actually quite comical looking back.

After telling D the next person we told was his mum who we are currently living with. We showed her the digital test which said "Pregnant 1-2" and she thought the 1-2 weeks indicator meant 1-2 babies! Honestly the funniest reaction of all! The next few weeks were a blur of telling our immediate family and a few close friends. We even managed to tell my Nana the night before she passed away. The timing of it all was so surreal. Check out our announcement video below to see some of our friends and family members reactions!

In case you're wondering when we're due, we are actually due on the 14th of February, 2021.. yep, right on Valentines Day! I have a feeling he or she will likely come early based on our recent ultrasound though. Oh, and as for finding out the baby's sex, we are going to leave this as a surprise! I mean it's one of the only true surprises you really get in life, right?

I'd be lying if I said that the first trimester has been easy. It hasn't. That cervical ectropion I mentioned earlier.. well, it's been quite the little troublemaker. It has caused me to bleed almost every day of my pregnancy so far, which as I'm sure you can imagine has been quite terrifying and meant lots and lots of doctors appointments. I also went through some pretty awful morning sickness 24/7 from the beginning of 6 weeks until the beginning of week 11. I am currently almost 13 weeks pregnant and basically I just feel super tired all the time. Super tired but super excited!

I think I will leave this post here for now but definitely stay tuned for more pregnancy related posts in the coming months. It's crazy to think that in just 6 short months I will be taking care of a tiny little human!

Until next time...



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